Myths and Truths about Invisalign

Myth #1: Invisalign is just for adults
Truth: The majority of our teen patients are in Invisalign treatment
Myth #2: Invisalign costs more than braces
Truth: Our office charges the same fee for Invisalign treatment as we do for braces. Our payment plans are flexible AND we offer direct billing to your insurance
Myth #3: Invisalign can’t fix complex bite issues
Truth: This depends on the experience level of the doctor. Our doctors have treated all bite problems with Invisalign including: Overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, spacing, missing teeth, impacted teeth, jaw surgery, extraction of teeth
Myth #4: Invisalign takes longer than braces
Truth: This depends on the experience level of the doctor. Our treatment times with Invisalign are comparable to braces and in some cases faster than braces 
Myth #5: Invisalign is the same across providers and it doesn’t matter which doctor I see
Truth: Invisalign is a plastic appliance.Similar to braces, if the treating doctor does not have extensive training using this appliance results can vary significantly. Ask your provider about their experience using Invisalign!
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