Sugar? Nahh…I’m Sweet Enough.

Can’t get enough of that sugar??? What you eat matters!

DID YOU KNOW??? In November 2015 the FDA recommends people aged 3 and over should eat no more than 50 grams(12.5 teaspoons) of added sugar a day(This is the same amount in just ONE can of coke!) Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which can be the start of tooth decay. You only get one set of teeth in your lifetime, take good care of them!

Here are some quick facts about some of the foods and drinks that you love:

#1. Candy:  Hard candies might seem harmless but eating too many can be damaging to your teeth. Hard candy puts your teeth at risk for dental emergencies like a chipped tooth or broken brackets and attachments. Not only that candy is loaded with sugar….. Looking for alternative? Try chewing on some sugar free gum.

#2. Coffee and Tea: In it’s natural form, coffee and tea are healthy choices, however people are tempted to load it up with sugar and sweeteners. Green tea and black tea contain substances to keep harmful oral bacteria at bay. Frequent drinks of coffee or tea added with sugar exposes your teeth constantly which can be damaging.

#3. Desserts: It’s not hard to indulge with these types of foods but cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet baked goods don’t offer much nutritional value and the plaque that adheres to the teeth are filled with sugar which makes you more susceptible to decay. But hey a slice of cake once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone right? Just don’t forget to brush after!

#3. Soda Pop: When you sip on carbonated soft drinks for long periods of time(It’s like a sugar bath for your teeth), bacteria in plaque use the sugar to produce acid which attacks your tooth enamel. This makes your teeth more prone to decay and erosion. Swap out soda and enjoy some fresh water!

We’re not saying ALL sugar is bad but encourage yourself to limit your sugar intake, brush away bacteria-filled plaque at least twice a day and consume healthy foods that help strengthen teeth and bones. Oh and happy flossing!

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